About us

Welcome to my world of Horses and the American West.   Growing up in a small town in Oklahoma, I was surrounded by farms and ranches. Country living and style I learned form my grandparents, both were farmers.  Learning to care for the land and the creatures that live on it.  We strive to continue that idea by donating a part of our profit to local Horse rescue organizations.   I have always loved Horses, and the West.  6 years ago  we helped our daughter setup her online decal shop selling mainly horses decals and decals for children's rooms.  It has grown and expanded and pays for her college education.  I decided it was time for mom to do the same.  So I created Artistry of the Horse to sell my custom design decals, and art work.  You will find paintings, drawings, crafts, and decals on this site.  With the help of my husband and family everything we sell is handmade, or custom made.  No pre-cut or printed designs on this site.  All work is done in the USA and shipped from our home world wide. We are based in Washington State, USA.

You can contact us by e-mail at: artistryofthehorse@outlook.com

Facebook at : Artistry of the Horse 

Twitter at: @artistryofthehorse